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Home Inspections & Consulting in Riverside, California

Inspections for Purchase

Investing in a home is serious business and you want to make sure that you are making a sound investment. Our home inspection company looks at 5 major issues of a home that include:
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Heating & Air Systems


Detailed Inspections

Accredited Property Inspection inspects approximately 120 additional issues on a property. You receive a fully detailed, digitally photographed report along with the information you need to understand the home's mechanical systems and what it takes to maintain your home over the long haul.

Sample Reports

Single Family:




Home Inspection Benefits
  • Knowing what you're purchasing, so big repairs don't surprise you.
  • Knowing the maintenance schedules required to maintain the house.
  • Becoming acquainted with your purchase, so you understand how to operate the functions of your home's systems.
Contact our home inspection company to provide you with our comprehensive home inspection services that help to safeguard your home buying investment.
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