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Consulting & Pre-Listing Inspections in Riverside, California

Two-Story House - Consulting & Pre-Listing Inspections in Riverside, California
Call on our home inspection company in Riverside, California, for our rehab consulting and pre-listing inspection services. Before you buy and before you list to sell, put us to work on giving you all the facts.

Certified Investor Rehab Consultant

Accredited Property Inspection offers our certified investor rehab consultant services that provide investors with a complete consultation on rehab homes.
We provide a list of things that should be done to the house when putting a budget together before a home rehab. Our home inspections company owner is a FHA203K Rehab Consultant.


Pre-Listing Inspection

Make the smart move before you move and have a pre-listing inspection done on your home. Our pre-listing inspection allows you to disclose and possibly fix any issues that may impede a sale.

Save Money

This is a less costly to-do list of things to disclose or possibly repair. You end up with a clean sale rather than dealing with counter offers once the potential buyer has their own inspection and finds unknown issues.
Contact us when investing in rehab property or before listing your home, and take advantage of our consulting and pre-listing inspection services because a home inspection is your best protection.