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Your estimator will do a thorough inspection of your roof. They will take pictures of damage as needed and discuss solutions and products.


We will gather any necessary permits for the job then order materials and begin roofing.


Once your roof is complete, your estimator will do a walkthrough of your roof to ensure everything went well.


We will certify job completion and submit warranties that are applicable, then you will be able to speak with your estimator about the overall job and any final questions you may have.


The Following Are Items To Consider:

  1. Noise - As with any construction project, there will be some noise.
  2. Debris - There will be debris from tearing off your roof shingles. Please take precaution and stay clear of the debris until we have had a chance to remove it. Once we are finished, please inspect your yard for any small nails we may have accidentally missed.
  3. Wall Art - Put away anything breakable hanging on your walls, like picture frames or art, as your house will sometimes vibrate while we put the roof on.
  4. Landscape - Please remove any breakable items from your yard, such as lawn ornaments.
  5. Pets - Either keep pets inside or chained up, as we would not like them to get loose.
  6. Traffic - If your old roof is being torn off, we will be placing a dumpster trailer either close to your house or on the street.